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Foreign students and Chinese students Founded International Exchange Salon
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Recently, foreign students and Chinese students from International Education and Cooperation Center (referred to as “the center”) established jointly an international exchange salon. Some foreign students from 7 countries including Russia, Morocco, Philippines, Mexico etc. as well as students from the center participated in the event.

The salon had the theme of friendship between international students, Mexican computer science student Ben and Mali civil engineering student Diallo talked about their studying experience in China, while the students from the center introduced the city of Harbin. They also organized games and performances. There came bursts of laughter from the classroom.

The InternationalEducation Cooperation Center will take this salon as a platform and organize more activities for Chinese and foreign students to enhanceinteraction between them.The establishment of international exchange organizations will help foreign students to better integrate into Heilongjiang Institute of Technology and the Chinese culture, in the mean time, help Chinese students from the center to widen international horizons and to enhance the tolerance ability of different cultures.